Who Benefits from Genetic Services

  • Women whose pregnancy may be at increased risk for complications or birth defects based on age, blood tests, ultrasound findings, or family history.
  • Women who have had two or more miscarriages, a still birth, or a baby who died.
  • Women considering pregnancy or who are pregnant and taking prescription medication.
  • Couples who would like prenatal testing or more information about genetic conditions that occur more frequently in their ethnic group.
  • Couples who are blood relatives.
  • Patients whose child has been diagnosed with a genetic disease on a newborn screening test.
  • Parents who are concerned about their children with a genetic condition, mental retardation, or birth defect.
  • Individuals who are concerned about their personal risk for disease based on lifestyle, occupational exposures, medical history, or family history.
  • Individuals who are concerned about their risk of developing cancer based on a personal or family history.

Where To Get Genetic Testing Done:

Northwestern Memorial Hospital ExternalLink.gif 

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center ExternalLink.gif 

University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics ExternalLink.gif 

Other Genetics Links:

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