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Vital Records

The local Registrar's Office of Vital Records (birth and death certificates) for Rock Island County is located at the Rock Island County Health Department.

Certified copies of birth or death certificates for births or deaths that occurred in Rock Island County for the most recent ten (10) years may be obtained from the local Registrar by completing the following Vital records application and requirements.

The application can be completed prior to coming to the Health Department in person or mailed along with payment and a copy of photo ID to:

Vital Records
Rock Island County Health Department
2112 25th Avenue
Rock Island IL 61201

Under Illinois State Law (410 ILCS 535 - Vital Records Act) only specific individuals have legal access to birth and death certificates. The Rock Island County Health Department Vital Records program will issue certificates only to authorized individuals. To do otherwise is a violation of Illinois law. Vital Records are not considered public information, nor are they subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

To obtain a Birth Record, you must be:

  • Of legal age (18 or an emancipated minor) if requesting your own birth certificate.
  • The mother of the child whose birth certificate is being requested.
  • The father of the child if you are listed on the birth certificate. A father who is not listed on the birth certificate does not have legal access to a copy of that certificate.
  • A legal Guardian with documentation to show this.

Birth Certificate Fee: $12.00 1st Certified Copy; $6.00 Additional copies of same record (at the same time).

To obtain a Death Record, you must be:

  • The informant listed on the death certificate.
  • The next of kin.
  • Someone who has a personal or property right interest in the record, and documentation to show this.

Death Certificate Fee: $17.00 1st Certified Copy; $11.00 Additional copies of same record (at the same time).

For birth and deaths that occurred in Rock Island County more than ten (10) years ago, a copy of those records can be obtained at the County Clerk's Office. If the birth or death took place outside of Rock Island County and you are seeking a copy of the record, you may be able to obtain it from one or more agencies - either the Illinois Department of Public Health - Division of Vital Records or from the United States Vital Records Information Website.

Contact Helen Cline at (309) 558-2940 or by E-mail.