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Water and Sewage

Private Drinking Water

This program insures that all properties which do not have access to municipal water services, have access to a safe water supply. We offer water sampling and inspections for existing and new water supplies. Water testing is only available
Monday-Wednesday and refer to the Fee Schedule for testing types and prices. inspections may be for real estate transactions.

Water Well Documents

Helpful Links
Illinois EPA - Private Well Users
Does your Water Smell Like Eggs?
River Flooding and Public Health Concerns
Precautions for Flooded Areas
For additional information on flood remediation please consult the Illinois Department of Public Health "After The Flood" andĀ

Private Sewage Disposal

This program is designed to insure that properties that don't have current access to municipal sewer service, are able to dispose of waste flows in accordance with current Illinois State sewage codes. We offer inspections and consultations for existing and new septic systems.

Private Sewage System Documents

Helpful Links
Types of Septic Systems